Friday, June 3, 2011

The Dust Settles

Well, that was fun! Thanks to the over 1,500 people who turned out for our Open Studios event last weekend! It was a lot of fun, and my laryngitis was never so well-earned. We even had a special appearance by one of "the band" - Charlie "The Bug" Workman's great great nephew (or something like that) stopped by for a visit, and everyone was pretty quick to notice a more than fleeting resemblance between him and his notorious kin. There were a plethora of fedora-wearers in the house who stopped by for a photo with the life-size Lepke hanging in the middle of my space. And even my mother stopped by for a peek at what I'm up to. If you missed the festivities (or were right in the throes of 'em) please check out the Looking For Lepke webpage with photo highlights. And here's a little collage that my uber-talented friend Craig was inspired to create...

And so back to work....the heat has broken and there's been a delicious breeze and perfect sunshine on the island all week, which has been less than inspirational for studio work, but great for exploratory walks. Yet the show must go on and work I have. Spent the better part of the week getting into the latest theories on the subject of psychopaths and the nature-nurture question, and have reached out to a few of the leading researchers in the field. Should be meeting one of them this weekend!

I also had a much-postponed but greatly
anticipated first Skype conversation with the other member of my new "band", that is Gurrah Shapiro's great nephew. We had a lot of fun comparing notes, which were surprisingly similar when it came to family cover-ups of our sordid relations. Here he is peeking out from his initial disguise as his "Uncle Jack". It was the start of a beautiful friendship, though it left me with very profound thoughts about how what goes around come around. Not that we're gonna be following in our ancestors' footsteps, but just how worlds collide over and over again...

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